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Slow Practice and Why it Matters

Karmel Larson

Teachers often will write "SLOWLY" or "do slow work" in their students music. However, students will often complain that slow practice gets so boring, why would they want to practice it that way? Sure it gets them to memorize, and know their notes perfectly, but are the teachers just torturing their students by breaking it down like that?
In an article called, "Is Slow Practice Really Necessary?" Dr. Kageyama explains that slow practice is the most efficient way to learn the music, but that it also helps to enhance arm motion, fingering, and it gets you to use the correct muscles with as little effort as possible. When the students are supposed to do slow work (all of their practicing should be like this), it should be extremely focused, thinking deeply about what movement, what fingering, and what sound you want to make on the piano.
So when the teacher says "Slow Practice," what they really mean is effective, focused, engaged practice! So parents, make sure your children are focused and are learning about how they can better use their slow practice time!

Here is the article for further reading: https://www.bulletproofmusician.com/is-slow-practice-really-necessary/

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