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Summer Program Piano Concerts

Karmel Larson

Both of our summer piano lessons programs were a great success! Both programs ended with concerts, so we wanted to share the recordings!

The JumpStart Piano Camp was our week-long intensive camp for beginners. At the end of the week, family members came for a fun monster concert in the piano gallery downstairs, where each student had the chance to play in groups and as a solo performer. This was a laid-back performance but tons of fun!

Our second summer program was for piano students with a little more experience. These students worked on duet (one piano, four hands) and duo (two pianos, four hands) pieces over the summer with our guest artists, the Delgado-Mauler piano duo. All the participants, as well as the teachers, performed in this awesome concert.

We're glad that so many of you joined us for our summer programs - hope to see you back next year!

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