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Thank Goodness for Piano Lessons!

by McKenna Rammell, Assistant Director

This month during piano lessons, our ' Virtue for Virtuosos is GRATITUDE. This virtue is a perfect one to focus on this month because of Thanksgiving! People naturally are thinking of what they are grateful for. My thoughts go to why I am grateful for piano lessons.

A frequent question I get asked when I say I play the piano is, "Have you played all your life?" I probably started when I was 7 or 8, and had lessons off and on until college. In response, many people say, "I wish I had taken piano lessons." I often wonder what it is about piano lessons that cause so many people to say they wished they had them! Here are four reasons why I am grateful for piano lessons:

One: I am grateful for piano lessons because they taught me to love music in general. To this day, I appreciate all kinds of music! I love listening to various types of music, attending concerts/plays/operas/recitals, and collaborating with those who play a different instrument than I do. Music brings joy to me and to others!

Two: I am grateful for piano lessons because they taught me to focus. To play the piano well, you have to focus! As you learn more difficult pieces, you have to concentrate for an hour, or two or three! Sometimes even more than that. My teachers taught me techniques that helped me focus for those long periods of time. Now, I am better able to focus on long projects, work, and school.

Three: I am grateful for piano lessons because I can serve in my church. Whether I was living in Texas, Utah, Montana, or anywhere else, I played the piano in church. I played for the congregation, for small groups, and for musical numbers. People were able to worship because I was able to play!

Four: I am grateful for piano lessons because I can help others share their musical talent. My sister is a singer, and we love to make music together. Without a pianist, it is difficult for her to sing! I have accompanied choirs, solo singers, violinists, flute players, oboe players, and more! Each time I play with someone else, I get excited, and they do too!

Why are you grateful for piano lessons? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page! Wished you took piano lessons when you were younger? It's never too late to start! Call 385-219-0774 for more information! You can start today.

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