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The Cat programs!

Karmel Larson

I want to introduce some of our new programs that we are implementing in the computer lab! The three games that I will talk about are all apps that you can download on any device and keep practicing at home!
Starting with RHYTHM CAT:
This game is an absolute blast! It combines listening skills with being able to tap in a steady rhythm. The game will play a piece of music and provide notes that you will tap along with. It goes orange if you miss a note, and green when you get it right! After you have passed proficiently, it takes you to the next level.
Next let's talk about TREBLE CAT and BASS CAT:
These don't need to be put in different definitions because they are basically the same thing, just focusing on bass and treble. So here's how it goes: notes will go across the page and the directions will tell you which notes to find. When those notes come onto the screen, you will just press the notes directly, which is unlike Rhythm Cat because there you just press one button. You get three chances to hit wrong notes, but once you missed three times, you're out! These also have different speeds that you can choose from.
Tomorrow we will post a little video that will actually SHOW you how to do it. :)

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