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The Top 3 Myths About Taking Piano Lessons Online

Like teachers and studio owners across the world, we are currently offering piano lessons online. While it hasn't been an easy ride, we're definitely learning a TON. We went from "carefully sanitized" in-person lessons to online lessons within about a day! As we've made this transition, we've been experimenting and problem-solving right along with our students. It turns out that most of the worries parents have about doing piano lessons online aren't even a big deal! Today we want to share the top 3 myths parents believe about taking piano lessons online.
Myth #1: Online piano lessons are difficult to set up.
Sure, there are teachers (and students) with multiple cameras and complicated set-ups. But those aren't necessary to have a great piano lesson! Really, all you need are a piano and an internet-capable device with a camera and mic. Most devices have those built in, so you can use a camera, tablet, or phone. Set your device up so that both you and the keyboard are visible to the camera. This might take some creativity, so use what you have on hand! We even heard of one teacher using a kitchen spatula to get her camera into the right position...
Myth #2: Piano lessons won't be as effective online.
Online lessons are different, but not any less effective! We've found that the logistical challenges can actually help students be more attentive and focused. For example, when a teacher can't physically write on a student's music, the student has to find the exact measure or note to mark and do it himself. This will help the student remember the marking better, too! We're also finding that this new setup encourages students to listen to their own playing more carefully, which is a super important skill in making music.
Myth #3: I don't really need piano lessons right now.
Well, okay, you don't ever need piano lessons in the same way you need things like food, water, or shelter. But quarantine or no quarantine, we're willing to bet that you still need things like

- regular one-on-one connection with other humans

- a creative outlet for difficult days

- goals to work toward

- something to do when you're stuck inside all day

Piano lessons give you all of these things! Making music has been shown to reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, help us cope with anxiety and depression, and so much more.

So if you've been looking for the "right time" to learn an instrument, look no further - this is a GREAT time to pick up a new skill or hobby. You can start piano lessons online to maintain social distancing and then continue in person when we re-open our studio in Orem. Call us for more information or to schedule a free (virtual) tour or evaluation! We would love to help you make music a part of your life.

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