Piano Lessons Blog - Theory Helps with Reading Music: a Piano Teacher's Insights

Theory Helps with Reading Music: a Piano Teacher's Insights

Karmel Larson

by Karina Leonard

Piano Academy Theory Lab Teacher

As part of the piano lesson rotation, half an hour is spent in the theory/computer lab. In the lab we have theory workbooks for each student, a piano teacher available to help and explain, and games and flashcards. Here are three ways the activities in the theory lab help with reading music:

The theory workbooks take a step by step approach to explain the written music. Students can apply it to the keyboard with the electronic keyboards available in the lab.
Note reading flashcards help students learn and memorize the note names and locations of the notes on the staff and keyboard, helping them to instantly recognize and play a note.
Rhythm Cat, an i-pad educational app, uses levels and gradual introduction to more complex rhythms to help students feel the rhythm and play along with a song. The more complex concepts of beat and time signature are then easily understood and easily practiced with this fun app.

These are only just a few of the ways the theory lab helps students progress in their music reading. But each week there are different activities and ways to explore music.

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