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Things I Never Expected to Hear at Piano Lessons

While we mostly try to keep things focused on the music while students are at Piano Academy, we love getting to know our students on a personal level and knowing what's going on in the rest of their lives. Usually, this means conversations about school or weekend plans... but once in a while, we hear some pretty funny stuff! (And, of course, we teachers share them with each other!) In the hopes of brightening up this cold January day, here are a few of my personal favorite student quotes:

Student: "I gave all my books and my candy to my sister to hold."
Teacher: "Well, that was nice of her to do for you."
Student: "She's the only one who brings a bag... she KNOWS the consequences..."

"Wait, can pirates get married??"

"My pinky just won't collaborate!"

"Crocodiles are really mean when they eat you. First, they drown you, THEN they eat you up!"

Student: "Do you have a boyfriend?"
Teacher: "There is a boy that I like, but he's not my boyfriend."
Student: "Oh.... that's sad."

Teacher: "What happened this week that was good?"
Student: "Well, I threw something at my brother."

Teacher: "You look sunburned!"
Student: "That's because I'm digging a hole! It's so big you could fit your bathtub in it."
Teacher: "Why are you doing that?"
Student: "Because it's fun!"

"Some fish can get married, you know."

Student: "Did you ever have a crush in fourth grade?"
Teacher: "Sure."
Student, with a huge sigh: "Well... his name is Jack."

"This part of the song is like when you have kids and they're being difficult and getting in trouble... and then the next part is like when they grow up and move out and life is happy again."

Teacher: "What is the Romantic Era?"
Student: "Um... when your boyfriend buys you flowers and chocolate and stuff?"

Parent: "I'm leaving! Are you going to live with me, or are you going to live here with the pianos?"
Student: "Well, I like playing the piano... but I guess I want to live with you."

"I almost danced my headphones off!"

"Why do I have to play that? I'm already TOO good at it!"

"You mean I have to do MATH in piano??"

"I'm so excited because my 9th birthday is next week, and I'm getting new knitting needles!"

Student (after a conversation about how the teacher is the boss during piano lessons): "You're a pretty fun person, for a boss."

I hope you enjoyed reading these as much as I enjoyed remembering them! We love when our students share their thoughts, even if they're sometimes a little silly!

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