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UPC Composer of the Month: BACH

When we decided to start highlighting a composer of the month at the Conservatory, Bach was the first to make our list. Why Bach, you ask? Well, it would take more than just one blog post to really explain that, but here are a few of our favorite things about him:

Although Bach was born more than 300 years ago, his music is still a favorite of performers and listeners around the world.
Bach's complex counterpoint (a style of writing where several "voices" or lines exist at the same time) laid a foundation for music theory that we still use today. That counterpoint can be incredibly difficult to write, but Bach made it sound so beautiful and simple.
Many composers have clear strengths and weaknesses in specific genres, but Bach excelled at them all! He wrote concertos, sonatas, dance suites, cantatas, hymn settings, fugues, and much more. Bach was a master of melody, harmony, and everything in between.
One of our very favorite things about Bach is that his musical mission parallels our own. He wrote, "The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul" - and he included a note at the end of every piece he composed reminding the performer "to God alone be the glory."

Don't believe us yet? Check out our Bach YouTube playlist here to hear a few of our favorites, and don't blame us if you can't stop there!
If you're interested in reading more about Bach's life and works, here are a few websites to get you started:
Happy Listening!

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