Piano Lessons Blog - Welcome to More Piano Teachers!

Welcome to More Piano Teachers!

Karmel Larson

Last week we introduced three of our new computer/theory lab teachers. This week we are highlighting our new substitute piano teachers! As we mentioned last week, we are amazed at the talent and testimony of our faculty members. Check out their bios below, and be sure to welcome them when you see them!

"Kessa has taken pedagogy classes and workshops from professional piano teachers and began teaching privately over six years ago. . . She has participated in numerous competitions, both national and international, a notable achievement being first place in the Best Brahms Performance edition of the international Great Composers Competition series."


"David believes that 'Music is given of God to further his purposes,' as LDS Apostle Elder Bruce R. McConkie taught, and looks forward to helping other pianists learn to bless and inspire others through development of their musical talents."

"As a junior in high school, Abby expanded her music knowledge by taking AP Music Theory and learning to play the cello. As Abby’s skills have grown, so has her love of music."


"Aubrey . . . began taking piano lessons at the age of 6. The majority of her training occurred at the Parker School of Music. She has participated in several competitions with piano performance and music theory and received superior ratings in all such competitions."


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