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Piano Events Coming Up at UPC

Karmel Larson

We've got lots of piano events coming up in the next couple of months at Piano Academy! Here's what you can put on your calendar (*events with an asterisk are for Honors Piano Academy students - click here to learn more):

January 2-31: 30-Day Sight Reading Challenge (click here for more info)

January 9: Piano Tutor Training, 7 PM

January 20: Honors Masterclass, 10:30 AM (all students/parents welcome to observe - more info coming soon)

*Every Friday-Saturday in February: NFMC Jr. Festival Performance Evaluations (schedule a slot on one of the weekends with your solo teacher)

February 6: Piano Tutor Training, 7 PM

*February 9-10: Encore Jr. Festival

February 10: Community Outreach Recital, 2 PM (location TBA)

February 12-17 and 22-28: Recording available at piano lessons for YouTube competition videos

February 17: Piano Academy Recitals at UPC

*Feb 23-24: Encore Sr. Festival

Feb 28: Piano Marvel YouTube competition submissions due

March 6: Piano Tutor Training

*March 6-17: AIM testing for Technique/Sight-Reading and Ear Training/Theory

*March 23: AIM Performance Evaluations

We're excited to have so many amazing things going on for our piano students! We hope you'll put these on your calendar and consider participating in many of them. We especially love the sense of community that we feel at recitals, evaluations, and competitions. Practicing may be a mostly solitary pursuit, but music as a whole shouldn't be!

Check out the links above or feel free to contact us with any questions about the piano events listed. If your child is interested in participating in evaluations or other events, ask us specifically about the Honors Division. Happy New Year and happy practicing!

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