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How much does it cost to refinish a piano?

Thinking of giving your piano a face lift but don't know where to start? Think of refinishing! It can bring the look of your piano back to life!

Refinishing can be anywhere from $1500-$7500+ depending on the type of piano, the condition of the piano, where the piano is located and many other things. There are lots of factors in determining a refinishing quote that can affect the cost of your quote.

Here is some information to have ready for us when getting a quote on a piano refinish.

Is the piano a wood finish or polyester finish?

Are you looking to give your polyester finish a satin finish? Or just touching up the polyester?

Is the piano very ornate?

What condition is the piano in? If you were to rate the damage on the piano from 1-10, what would you say?

Is there any veneer missing? It's very time consuming to fix veneer.

Where is the piano located? Do you have shipping costs to consider? Is the piano very ornate?

Are you looking to completely change the color of the piano?

Email us at info@BrighamLarsonPianos.com a picture of your piano and we will give you a FREE refinishing quote! Or fill out the web form HERE!
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