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Refurbished 1963 Story & Clark Piano

"If you are looking for a piano that technically and feedback wise is excellent but you're on a fairly tight budget, this piano is a fantastic choice. I highly, highly recommend it!"-Brigham Larson
In one of our most recent piano videos, Brigham introduced us to our newly refurbished 1963 Story & Clark Piano that has just come out of the shop. Brigham has worked on hundreds of Story & Clark Pianos and he says that this particular piano is in excellent condition and is "far better than anything you could find second hand, there is no question in my mind about that." The price for this piano is in the general price range of a mid-range to high digital piano, so instead of getting a digital, why not get a wonderful acoustic piano that has a very rich and big sound to it? Like Brigham said in his quote, this is a wonderful piano at a wonderful price!
Below is the video of Brigham walking us through what has been done to the piano:
Here is the link to this piano on our website: https://store.brighamlarsonpianos.com/product/1963-story-clark/
Come in and check it out today!!

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