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Yamaha G3 Grand Piano!

We just completed this piano! It is a 6' 1981 Yamaha G3 grand. I personally have extensive experience with this model. Over my career, I've worked on dozens if not hundreds of individual G3's. In fact, the first grand piano that I bought in 2002 was a Yamaha G3. They are awesome and they last forever. Although this piano was made in 1981, it is completely refurbished! It is cosmetically in perfect condition.

The regulation is perfect on this piano. It will last for years and years. Without a doubt, I would recommend it for both beginner and advanced pianists.

Watch Brigham Demo Our Yamaha G3 Grand Piano!


To see this Yamaha in person, just fill out this form below. We also have many other Yamaha grands to choose from HERE on our website!

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