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We're Not Just Tuners, We're Technicians!

Karmel Larson

"There really is a difference between a piano tuner and a piano technician. I am happy my piano was tuned by a person who is both. Pianos do need maintenance as well as tuning. You suggested two things to improve my piano beyond tuning, particularly relating to the space ( hard floors, no carpet) to improve tone and to enhance the action of the keys. Now I have a more mellow tone I really love and such responsive action from the keys it is much easier to play very soft without losing the notes altogether. Any piano it seems can be loud but without the ability to produce rich and dependable soft tones a wide range of expression is lost. I also appreciated my piano getting the attention that usually only high end pianos receive. My piano and I share the desire not to be the best musicians in the world but to be the best musicians we can be. And for comparatively small sums your enjoyment of your piano can be improved immensely. In fact I am always grateful when car repairs are no more than I paid for my "new" piano. I got an additional bonus because I am a curious person and loved that you shared your knowledge with me concerning tuning standards."
Wow! Great feedback! Not surprising.... because WE HAVE THE BEST TECHNICIANS EVER!!!

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