The Brigham & Karmel Larson Family Piano Blog - Busiest Day EVER!!! (and we loved every minute of it)

Busiest Day EVER!!! (and we loved every minute of it)

Karmel Larson

PS - I have to laugh about this photo that I am sharing with this post because Brigham only ever wears a suit in the gallery when I request one for photos. The photo above was formal family photos day a year ago. Today, our piano buying guests were making jokes about his appearance because it was "so authentic". He was covered in wood chips and sawdust from drilling grand trap work and working on the floor under that grand. He is so authentic in more ways than the obvious. I am blessed to be his business partner and partner in life.
So if you come in to the store to meet Brigham and are expecting a salesman in a suit.... sorry, watch for the guy with the technician shirt, covered in a good layer of piano grime. You might walk into an empty gallery and wonder where everyone is.... we're in the back working on the pianos. Go through the glass doors next to the piano gallery and you'll find Brigham and our tech team hustling and bustling like Santa's elves in his musical workshop. We have the best team ever! We are certainly looking forward to their return from the holidays on Monday so they can help us with the crowds. It's going to be a great 2016!

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