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Brigham Saves the Day

Karmel Larson

I went with Brigham on a late night piano appointment last week (called it date night) and captured this photo as he rescued a piano, as the third technician on the scene. (We get a lot of business from people calling Brigham to "fix" something that another technician started.) Here's a beautiful review that we just received from a piano owner in Pleasant Grove that called us in tears....
"Brigham Larson SAVED THE DAY!!! We had an experience where we hired a different piano tuner to tune our piano and to fix the one key that wasn't working. This different tuner stated our piano was in great condition and that the one key was a pretty easy fix as it had just come unglued. He started working on it but he had a hard time getting to the area he needed due to the design of our piano. He worked on it for a while and ended up taking the "action" out of the piano. This guy had about 30 years of experience and I thought it wouldn't be an issue.
After being at my house for almost three hours, I could tell he was getting really worried. He called a second guy who had a more technical background to come and help. They both came back the following day. Second guy stated that the action on the piano was in really bad shape and that it would take him about five hours to put the piano back together. He further stated that, even if he did put it back together, it may not work. Second guy actually said my best option would be to buy a new piano and my current one should just go to the dump. I was devastated! In less than 30 hours, my piano went to being in great condition (with the exception of one key) to where I was told I should take it to the dump!
I called Brigham Larson Piano in tears and talked to one of the owners. Brigham Larson came to my house to take a look and see what damage had been done. He evaluated the condition and then put it back together, in working order, in about 2.5 hours. Although there is now damage to the action from the first guy, it is currently working. Brigham was kind, honest, professional, and obviously knew what he was doing.
I have learned my lesson! I will never call another piano tuner again. Although the first guy had worked in this field for approximately 30 years, he clearly did not have the expertise that Brigham did. I highly recommend Brigham Larson! He will be the only one I will let work on any piano I own in the future!"

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