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Pianist Teo Milea chooses Hailun!

Artist all over the world are discovering Haiun Pianos!
Teo Milea is a modern classical pianist and composer who has been performing for over 25 years.

He was first intrigued to try the Hailun Pianos through one of Hailun's social media outlets, where he expressed an interest to try Hailun that same week!
Teo Stated: "It was a great journey discovering this new piano brand, the Hailun Piano. A very nice touch, a warm sound and a wide range of colors bursted from this 178 award-winner grand piano. I would love to have one in my piano studio I think this brand is a good investment."
"I really enjoyed playing on the Hailun Piano. I found the sound very European and I can say I liked it more than the Japanese and the American pianos. The keys are very well balanced, while the pedals work very well..... I had the chance to compare it with a Kawai piano, a Young Chang piano and a Weber piano, but I liked Hailun the best.
"Regarding the price range, I find Hailun Pianos to be the best investment in its category, by far."
If you would like to learn more about this amazing piano, call Brigham direct at 801-830-0011 or call our store at 801-701-0113 to schedule an appointment to try one yourself!

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