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Just out of the shop! 1986 Yamaha C7!

It's pretty uncommon to have a 1986 Yamaha C7 in a walnut finish and we are so happy to have it in our gallery!

Watch Brigham Demo our 1986 Yamaha C7

This is a classic instrument, a 1986 Yamaha C7! If you're a music or piano enthusiast you'll know how wonderful these pianos are. Yamaha C7s are featured in recording studios and concert halls throughout the world. This piano is many people's dream instrument. The interior is completely refurbished and we haven't yet refinished the unique walnut exterior. This is the perfect piano for a piano enthusiast. Brand new these pianos are around $70,000. This one is almost perfect functionally and will last a long time. It's a pleasure to play and you truly can't say enough good about it.

To see this Yamaha in person, just fill out this form below. We also have many other Yamaha grands to choose from HERE on our website.

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