The Piano Buying Blog - Just out of the shop!  1988 Samick Upright Piano!

Just out of the shop! 1988 Samick Upright Piano!

This is a 1988 Samick upright piano that is completely re-done and it's also a beautiful satin black finish.

It's really a classy looking piano. The vast majority (around 75%) of the work we've done on this piano is on the interior. 1988 is not terribly old in piano years. The intention when we work on our pianos is to restore the piano to as "like new" condition as possible.

This piano is in terrific condition and will serve a family well for decades without costing the thousands of dollars a brand new piano will cost. This piano holds its tune well and I have no concerns about this piano. Come check it out!

Watch Brigham Demo our 1988 Samick!

Schedule a time to come see this great piano for yourself! Just fill out the form below. We also have lot's of other new and used pianos to choose from. Check out our website!

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