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Just out of the Shop! Yamaha C5 Grand Piano!

Karmel Larson

This is the very first Yamaha C5 we've had in the shop! We've had lots of C3's and C7's but this is the first C5. It's 6'6" made in 1980, and it is in perfect condition! Everything is completely redone. I'm talking about both cosmetics and functionality- everything is in mint condition. I've probably worked on about 20,000 pianos in my career and upon first look I would say that this piano is brand new.

The Yamaha C5 is perfect for serious pianists who don't want the extreme size or the price of a C7. The action is in excellent condition and everything has been reshaped, aligned, lubricated, and regulated. Brand new this piano was probably somewhere in the neighborhood of $50,000-$60,000.

It's got that great typical Yamaha touch and is a really really fun piano to play. And it's got a lot of power to it too! I think this piano will go on to greatness, whoever the lucky individual is who gets it. Come and check it out!

Watch Brigham demo our Yamaha C5!

To see this Yamaha in person, or to meet with Brigham, just fill out this form below! We also have many other Yamaha grands to choose from HERE on our website.

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