The Piano Buying Blog - Just out of the shop! 1924 Lester 6' Grand Piano

Just out of the shop! 1924 Lester 6' Grand Piano

Karmel Larson

This 1924 Lester has been completely refurbished. When we refurbish a piano, it is much more than a light dusting or cleaning. For this piano, we put in three weeks of full time work, starting with cleaning and dusting, and on from there. The hammers have been reshaped, everything has been aligned, lubricated, and tightened. It has been fully regulated as well, including fixing the level of the keys, distance you can press the keys, distance of the hammers from the strings, spring strength, checking, let off, drop, jack position, and more. Most of these things need to be done every 15-20 years.
This piano has been tuned and sounds great! It has a big, rich tone and a great sustain. Come see this piano for yourself at Brigham Larson Pianos on State Street in Orem, UT.

1924 Lester Grand Piano
$7,500 ($136/mo. Finance Price)
On Sale! See below for price.
Serial Number: #90454
3 Year BLP Warranty

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