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Just out of the shop! Brodmann 187 6’2″ Grand Piano

This piano, an approximately 10 year old Brodmann grand piano, is similar to a Hailun: relatively recent but has made a pretty good splash in the market. It is a very reasonably priced piano but still high quality. It is not on the same level as a Petrof or Steinway, but also not an entry level piano. This piano was well cared for in its previous home. We have done general work that you would expect after 10 years, such as cleaning, reshaping hammers, and regulation. This piano is just slightly larger than the average home piano, but it adds a lot of extra body to the tone. It has real depth to the tone, and a lot of good richness and sustain. This piano seems to have more power than many other pianos, even of the same size.
Brodmann 187 6’2″ Grand Piano
Price: $9,998 (Finance $167/mo)
Serial: #0001041
3 Year BLP Warranty
Call us at (801) 701-0113 to set up a time to come see this wonderful piano, or stop by anytime Monday through Friday from 10am-6pm. Call / text Brigham directly at (801) 830-0011.

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