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Just out of the shop! Rebuilt 1907 Emerson Upright Piano

This piano is a 1907 Emerson upright piano. It has been with Brigham for 5 years now as he has slowly rebuilt this piano step by step. According to Brigham, Emerson is an "heriloom quality" brand due to its rebuilding potential. All Emersons are consistently top quality pianos. Everything on the inside of this piano is new. It has new hammers, hammer butts, strings, bridal straps, tuning pins, felts, dampers, and more. The trapwork (everything pertaining to the pedals) is also new. Although the pedals appear to be from an older era, they are brand new replicas. The keys and bushings are new, and the sharps are original but refinished. The entire exterior of the piano has been refinished. The soundboard and bridges are original, but are in excellent condition and will be for many decades to come. This beautiful instrument is essentially a brand new piano. This beautiful cabinetry is something you no longer see on modern pianos. If you are looking for a brand new piano but love the vintage, artistic look, this piano is for you.
1907 Emerson 58" Upright Piano (Rebuild)
Price: $7,998 (Finance $134/mo.)
Serial: #87666
3 Year BLP Warranty
Call us at (801) 701-0113 to set up a time to come see this wonderful piano, or stop by anytime Monday through Friday from 10am-6pm. Call / text Brigham directly at (801) 830-0011.

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