Collection: F. Doerner Stuttgart Pianos

F. Doerner & Sons, originally established in Stuttgart in 1830 by Frederick Doerner, has a rich history marked by high-quality craftsmanship and resilience. The company initially operated under the name "Frederick Doerner & Sons" and was known for producing robust and ornately designed upright pianos. These instruments often featured intricate carvings and solid construction, distinguishing them in the market.

Around 1948, the company transitioned to the name "Dorner & Mathaes" before ceasing production in 1949. Throughout its operational years, Doerner's pianos were celebrated for their durability and unique aesthetic appeal. However, like many piano manufacturers of the time, the company faced significant challenges during and after the World Wars, ultimately leading to its closure.

For those owning an F. Doerner piano, the legacy of this brand lies in its exceptional build quality and the historical significance of its instruments, which reflect the craftsmanship standards of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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