Collection: Foster Pianos

Foster pianos, originally established as Foster & Co. in 1890 in New York City, were known for their high-quality pianos and player pianos. The company later merged with Armstrong to form the Foster-Armstrong Piano Company, becoming a significant force in the piano manufacturing industry during the early 20th century. Foster pianos were notable for their excellent craftsmanship, robust construction, and fine tone quality. These pianos were produced in East Rochester, New York, and were widely distributed, achieving prominence through their reliable build and sound.

Foster-Armstrong was eventually absorbed by the Aeolian-American Corporation in the 1930s, which continued producing pianos under the Foster name along with other brands such as Haines and Fischer. The legacy of Foster pianos includes their representation of the best instruments in their grade, made with excellent materials in modern factories, and their continued presence in the piano market through various ownership changes​.

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