Collection: Hamlin Pianos

Hamilton pianos, established in 1889 as part of the Baldwin Piano Company, are known for their exceptional build quality and rich, full sound. Originally, the Hamilton Piano Company was set up in Chicago Heights, Illinois, before moving to Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1932. The Hamilton brand was named after Dwight Hamilton Baldwin, the founder of Baldwin Piano & Organ Company.

Hamilton pianos were designed to be more affordable while maintaining the high standards of craftsmanship associated with Baldwin. They became widely popular in schools, churches, and studios due to their durability and superior sound quality. Notably, the Hamilton line included uprights, grands, and reproducing pianos, with significant advancements in piano technology during their production years.

Today, the Hamilton name is owned by the Gibson Guitar Company, and Hamilton pianos continue to be a favored choice among musicians and collectors for their historical significance and reliable performance.

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