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Founded in 1936 by Alfred E. Knight in England, Knight Pianos are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and superior quality. Known for their robust construction and rich, resonant tone, Knight pianos are handcrafted using premium hardwoods and carefully selected soundboards.

One of the unique features of Knight pianos is their full iron frame. This feature enhances the structural stability of the piano, ensuring durability and consistency in performance. The full iron frame helps maintain the tension of the strings more effectively than partial frames, resulting in a more stable tuning and a richer, more sustained tone.

Knight pianos also incorporate an innovative key action mechanism designed to provide a highly responsive and consistent touch. This mechanism allows for precise control over dynamics and articulation, making it easier for pianists to express subtle nuances in their playing. The combination of these advanced engineering features ensures that Knight pianos offer a superior playing experience, favored by musicians and educators alike.

Though production ceased in the late 1990s, Knight pianos remain highly respected and sought after by enthusiasts for their durability, distinctive sound, and classic design.

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