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Ludwig & Co., founded by John H. Ludwig and Charles A. Ericsson in 1889 in New York, quickly made a name for itself during the Golden Era of piano manufacturing. Known for their high-grade, elaborate upright pianos, Ludwig & Co. expanded their product line to include baby grand and player pianos in the early 20th century. The company also produced pianos under secondary brand names such as "Perry" and "Nevin," and player pianos under the names "Claviola" and "Perryola," which offered similar quality at more affordable prices.

Ludwig pianos were distinguished by their exceptional craftsmanship and innovative features, such as the patented Unit Valve Player Action, which simplified maintenance and reduced costs. Their instruments were celebrated for their rich tonal quality and durability, often rivaling those of major manufacturers like Steinway and Baldwin. Ludwig & Co. pianos were recognized with top honors at prestigious exhibitions, including the Paris Exposition of 1900 and the Pan American Exposition.

In 1933, the company was sold to Ricca & Sons Piano Company, which continued producing pianos under the Ludwig name until World War II. Despite the challenges of the Great Depression, Ludwig pianos remained highly respected for their longevity and quality. Today, restored Ludwig pianos are valued for their historical significance and outstanding craftsmanship, making them cherished pieces for collectors and musicians alike​.

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