Collection: M. Schulz Pianos

Founded in 1869 by Mathias Schulz in Chicago, the M. Schulz Piano Company quickly became a significant player in the American piano industry. Known for their high-quality craftsmanship, M. Schulz pianos were manufactured under various names, including Walworth, Bradford, Irving, and Maynard. The company was incorporated in 1891, and under the leadership of Mathias's son, Otto Schulz, it expanded to include the Mathias Organ Company and developed the innovative Aria Divina Reproducing Action for their player pianos.

M. Schulz pianos are celebrated for their precise scale design and exceptional tonal quality. These pianos produce a round, mellow, and pure sound, housed in visually appealing casework. Notably, the company introduced the "Marionette" line in the late 1920s, which featured child-sized baby grand pianos with the tonal quality of a full-sized instrument, ideal for cabarets, dance clubs, and children's playrooms.

Despite their success, the Great Depression forced the company to cease operations in the early 1930s. Today, restored M. Schulz pianos are valued for their historical significance and musical excellence, making them a cherished choice for collectors and musicians alike.

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