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Established in Albany, New York, in 1836, the Marshall & Wendell Piano Company has a rich history of producing high-quality pianos. Originally founded as Marshall & Traver, the company underwent several name changes before becoming Marshall & Wendell in 1870 when Mr. Wendell joined as a partner. In 1900, the firm moved its headquarters to Rochester, New York, marking a period of rapid growth and continued success.

Marshall & Wendell pianos are celebrated for their superior craftsmanship and innovative designs. During the late 19th century, the company produced a range of square, grand, and upright pianos, including the popular "Parlor Gem" and "Boudoir Gem" series. The pianos were known for their elaborate "art-case" designs, which often included custom cabinets crafted by skilled artisans. These custom designs were highly sought after by wealthy clients who desired instruments that not only sounded exceptional but also served as beautiful pieces of furniture.

In the early 20th century, many Marshall & Wendell pianos were equipped with the AMPICO reproducing player mechanism, allowing the pianos to play automatically with expressive dynamics that mimicked live performances. This innovation helped to popularize player pianos during that era.

Despite their high quality and popularity, the Great Depression significantly impacted the company. Marshall & Wendell was eventually absorbed by the Aeolian-American Corporation in the 1930s, which continued to produce pianos under the Marshall & Wendell name until the mid-1950s. 

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