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The Milton Piano Company, established in 1892 by John Milton in New York City, quickly gained recognition for producing high-quality pianos. The company's manufacturing facility, located at 626-630 West 51st Street, was known for its modern and advanced production techniques. Milton initially focused on building various models of upright pianos and later expanded to include baby grand pianos and player pianos.

In the early 1900s, Milton Pianos came under the control of Kohler & Campbell, which helped the brand continue to thrive. Despite this change in ownership, the quality of Milton pianos remained high until the late 1930s. The company was particularly noted for its innovative designs and the introduction of small grand pianos, which were produced for more than half a century.

Milton pianos are known for their robust construction and pleasing tonal quality. Although production ceased in the late 1950s, the Milton name was revived later by a factory in China, though these modern pianos are not considered to be of the same quality as the original instruments. Today, vintage Milton pianos are appreciated for their historical significance and make excellent candidates for restoration due to their vintage charm and reliable craftsmanship​.

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