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Founded in 1926 in Vetlanda, Sweden, by Emanuel Lager, Nordiska Pianos quickly gained a reputation for their advanced scale design and superior sound quality. The company became well-known throughout Europe for producing high-quality, affordable grand pianos. In 1958, the addition of the renowned German piano designer Dotzek further enhanced the design and manufacturing standards, leading to Nordiska being rated among the top 10 global pianos by the German magazine "Music Instrument Industry".

During the late 1980s, as Europe faced a deep recession, Nordiska ceased operations in Sweden. The Dongbei Piano Group of China acquired the company's assets in 1988, including scale designs and manufacturing equipment, and relocated production to Liaoning, China. Despite the move, Nordiska retained its high European quality standards while benefiting from lower production costs in China. This transition allowed Nordiska to maintain a competitive price-to-quality ratio, making their pianos popular among students, home enthusiasts, and professional musicians​.

Nordiska pianos are crafted using premium materials, including Siberian and Asian woods known for their excellent tonal properties. The use of German-made Abel hammers and European Roslau wire for the strings ensures a superior sound. The combination of high-quality components and skilled craftsmanship results in instruments that deliver exceptional performance and durability. Today, Nordiska pianos are appreciated for their rich history, high-quality sound, and elegant design, making them a favored choice for pianists around the world​.

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