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Established in 1871 by Isaac Packard in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the Packard Piano Company originally began as the Packard Organ Company. The company started producing pianos in 1894 and subsequently changed its name to the Packard Piano & Organ Company. Known for their high-quality construction and beautiful cabinet designs, Packard pianos quickly gained a reputation for excellence in both tone and craftsmanship.

One unique aspect of Packard's manufacturing was their emphasis on workplace harmony. Their slogan, "If there is no harmony in the factory, there will be none in the piano," reflected their commitment to creating a positive work environment, which they believed translated into the quality of their instruments. Packard was one of the first companies to implement an eight-hour workday and offered various employee benefits, such as group insurance and a suggestion system for improvements.

Packard pianos were produced in a variety of styles, including upright and baby grand pianos, as well as player pianos. The company continued to thrive until the Great Depression, when economic hardships forced them into bankruptcy. The company was acquired by Story & Clark in 1938, which continued to produce pianos under the Packard name until the mid-20th century​.

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