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The Pramberger legacy dates back over 225 years to Joseph Johann Pramberger, born in 1779 in Tyrol, Austria. The Pramberger family has a long tradition of piano craftsmanship, with skills and knowledge passed down through generations. Joseph Johann Pramberger's expertise was honed under the apprenticeship of Mathias Müller and later in partnership with Michael Schweighofer in Vienna, leading to the establishment of Schweighofer & Pramberger Piano Shop.

The tradition continued in the United States when Anton Pramberger immigrated and worked for Steinway & Sons. His son, Joseph Pramberger, followed in his footsteps, becoming a design and project engineer at Steinway and later the Vice President of Manufacturing. In 1987, Joseph founded Pramberger Piano Ltd., combining his family's old-world craftsmanship with modern technology to create high-quality pianos.

Today, Pramberger pianos are manufactured by Samick Musical Instrument Mfg. Co. Ltd. in Indonesia. The brand offers three lines of pianos: the entry-level Legacy series, the mid-range Signature series, and the high-end Platinum series. Each line features distinct designs and materials, with the Platinum series incorporating advanced features like solid spruce soundboards and Renner or Abel hammers.

Pramberger pianos are known for their warm, rich tones and robust construction. The integration of traditional craftsmanship with modern CNC technology ensures precision and quality in every instrument. These pianos are appreciated for their historical significance and the blend of heritage and innovation they represent​.

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