Collection: Price & Teeple Pianos

Price & Teeple was established in 1902 by William Bates Price and Frank Walker Teeple in Chicago, Illinois, although the company initially started producing pianos in Kankakee, Illinois, in 1898. The firm quickly gained national recognition for building high-quality upright pianos, grand pianos, and player pianos. They marketed their pianos under various names, including Carleton, Collins, Rembrandt, Schaeffer, and their successful player piano lines, The Harmonola and The Symphonola.

One of the unique aspects of Price & Teeple pianos is their intricate and artistic case designs, which often featured elaborate carvings and high-quality woods. The company managed to survive the Great Depression without merging with larger conglomerates, maintaining its independence until it was sold to the Story & Clark Piano Company in 1937. Story & Clark continued to manufacture pianos under the Price & Teeple name until 1965.

Price & Teeple was known for its commitment to uniform quality and reliability, ensuring that each instrument was as well-made and dependable as the last. This dedication to craftsmanship has made Price & Teeple pianos highly valued by collectors and musicians today, with restored instruments often fetching significant prices due to their historical and aesthetic appeal​.

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