Collection: Samick Pianos

Founded in 1958 by Hyo Ick Lee in South Korea, Samick Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. initially began as a distributor for Baldwin pianos. The company quickly transitioned into manufacturing their own upright pianos using imported parts. By the 1960s, Samick had grown significantly, expanding its production capabilities and exporting pianos worldwide. The name "Samick" translates to "three benefits" in Korean, reflecting the company's commitment to benefiting the company, its customers, and the economy‚Äč.

Throughout its history, Samick has been known for its entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. In the 1980s, they introduced a professional series of pianos in collaboration with Tokai, a renowned Japanese piano maker. Additionally, Samick hired German piano designer Klaus Fenner to enhance their piano designs, giving them a more European sound and quality. This collaboration led to significant improvements in their soundboards and overall piano construction.

Samick's growth included acquiring several prestigious piano brands, such as Seiler in 2008. They also held a significant share in Steinway & Sons from 2009 to 2013. Today, Samick pianos are produced in their modern factories in Indonesia and China, where they continue to maintain high standards of quality while offering competitive prices. Samick pianos are known for their solid construction, quality materials, and consistent performance, making them a popular choice among musicians and educators. Learn more about this brand at the manufacturer's website.