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Schiller Piano Company was founded in 1893 by F.G. Jones in Oregon, Illinois. The company quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality pianos, becoming a preferred brand for many academic institutions in Illinois during the early 20th century. 

In 1920, Schiller acquired Chute & Butler and moved their production to Oregon, Illinois, further expanding their manufacturing capabilities. By 1929, Schiller had produced over 80,000 pianos and employed 300 people, making it the largest industry in Ogle County. The company offered a wide range of pianos, including uprights, grands, and player pianos, many of which featured elaborate and expensive "art-case" designs.

Schiller pianos included the use of Julius Bauer patents under the ownership of the Cable Piano Company. This association allowed Schiller to produce some of the finest pianos of the era. The "Super Grand" series, for instance, was particularly noted for its independent vibrating section of the soundboard, which set it apart from other pianos of the time​.

In 1936, Schiller merged with the Cable Piano Company and continued producing pianos under the names Cable and Conover. The brand was later acquired by Winter & Company in 1943, which continued to produce pianos under the Schiller name until about 1957. Despite the challenges of the Great Depression and subsequent economic shifts, Schiller pianos remained valued for their quality and craftsmanship.

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