Collection: Shaw Pianos

The Shaw Piano Company was established in Erie, Pennsylvania, in 1890 by Congressman Matthew Griswold. The company quickly built a reputation for producing high-quality pianos known for their durability and rich sound. Shaw pianos were marketed as an affordable alternative to the more expensive Stieff pianos while maintaining a high standard of craftsmanship.

In 1900, the renowned Charles M. Stieff Piano Company acquired Shaw Piano Company and moved its operations to Baltimore, Maryland. Under Stieff's ownership, Shaw continued to produce pianos that were well-regarded for their robust construction and consistent performance. These pianos included a range of uprights and grands, often featuring intricate woodwork and elegant designs. Shaw pianos were also known for their innovative player pianos, which became popular during the early 20th century.

Despite their success, Shaw pianos were ultimately discontinued in the mid-20th century as the company faced increased competition and changing market dynamics. Today, vintage Shaw pianos are valued by collectors and musicians for their historical significance and the quality of their construction. Restored Shaw pianos continue to be appreciated for their beautiful tone and craftsmanship, making them prized instruments for both performance and collection.

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