Collection: Smith & Barnes Pianos

Smith & Barnes Piano Company was established in 1884, originally as the C.A. Smith Piano Company, and later incorporated as Smith & Barnes in 1891 after Barnes joined the firm. The company was based in Chicago and became well-known for its player pianos, which were a popular choice across America. Smith & Barnes was especially notable for pioneering piano sales in the western United States, earning the nickname "the Pioneer Pianos of the West."

The pianos produced by Smith & Barnes are recognized for their first-class craftsmanship and superior tone. Despite being manufactured in large quantities, the company maintained a reputation for quality, which was a significant achievement. In 1906, the company merged with the Strohber Piano Company to become Smith, Barnes & Strohber. Unfortunately, the onset of the Great Depression led to the cessation of their production.

Today, restored Smith & Barnes pianos can fetch between $3,000 and $11,000, reflecting their quality and the historical significance of the brand.

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