Collection: Strich & Zeidler Pianos

Strich & Zeidler was established in 1889 by William Strich and Paul M. Zeidler in New York City. Both founders had a deep connection to piano craftsmanship, with Strich being born into a family of prominent New York music teachers and Zeidler having honed his skills at the Steinway factory. This background infused their piano-making with a commitment to quality and innovation, quickly earning them a reputation for excellence.

Strich & Zeidler pianos were known for their extremely well-made, high-priced instruments, which featured elaborate styles and finishes. These pianos were often made from the finest materials and included luxury details that appealed to affluent buyers. The company was particularly famous for their grand and upright pianos, which were praised for their superior musical qualities by figures such as Petrowitsch Bissing of the Bissing Conservatory of Music.

Innovation was key to Strich & Zeidler's success, and they were known for incorporating advanced piano-building techniques of the time. This included the use of reinforced structures and enhanced soundboards that contributed to the pianos' durability and rich tonal quality. The company's instruments were often featured in major music conservatories and were the pianos of choice for many professionals.

However, the lifespan of Strich & Zeidler was relatively short, with the company ceasing operations in the mid-1920s. Despite this, the pianos they produced during their operational years continue to be highly valued by collectors and musicians for their historical significance and outstanding quality.

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