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Universal Pianos were produced by the Universal Piano Company, which was established in 1908 in New York City. The company was organized by Isadore Goldman, President, A. B. Furlong, Jr., Vice President, Louis Goldman, Treasurer and Manager, and Samuel Goldman, Secretary. Universal Pianos specialized in producing player pianos under the "Universal" brand name. These pianos gained popularity due to their robust construction and reliable player mechanisms. However, the company faced financial difficulties during World War I and ultimately closed in 1914​.

Universal pianos were known for their durability and high-quality sound. They often featured ornate cabinetry and were designed to be both functional musical instruments and beautiful pieces of furniture. The player piano models, in particular, were praised for their smooth and reliable operation, allowing for an engaging and dynamic playing experience even for those who were not trained pianists​.

In addition to their player pianos, Universal also produced a range of upright and grand pianos that were noted for their excellent tonal quality and tuning stability. The brand aimed to offer instruments that combined sophisticated technical components with elegant design, making them a popular choice for both home and institutional use​.

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