Collection: Washburn Pianos

Washburn Pianos, produced by the Lyon & Healy Company, have a rich history dating back to the late 19th century. Lyon & Healy, established in 1864 in Chicago, Illinois, by George Washburn Lyon and Patrick J. Healy, began manufacturing pianos under the Washburn brand name around the turn of the century. Washburn pianos were part of Lyon & Healy's broader strategy to offer a range of musical instruments under different brand names, including Leland, Lakeside, and American Conservatory. This diversification helped the company to cater to various segments of the market. Despite facing challenges during the Great Depression, the Washburn brand persisted and continued to be associated with high-quality musical instruments.

In addition to traditional upright and grand pianos, Washburn also produced player pianos, which were highly regarded for their reliable mechanisms and expressive capabilities. The introduction of player pianos expanded the brand's appeal, allowing more people to enjoy music at home. Despite the challenges faced during the Great Depression, Washburn pianos continued to be produced under the Lyon & Healy name until the mid-20th century​.

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