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Weinbach Pianos, established in 1884 in Czechoslovakia, have a rich history marked by quality craftsmanship and a dedication to producing high-quality instruments. The company was founded by Gerhard Wein and quickly gained a reputation for its fine pianos, which were known for their rich, romantic sound and robust construction. By 1893, the Weinbach workshop was exclusively producing pianos, and the brand's reputation spread throughout Europe and into the American market​.

In 1985, the Weinbach brand was acquired by Petrof, a prominent Czech piano manufacturer. Under Petrof's ownership, Weinbach pianos continued to be produced with a focus on quality and traditional European craftsmanship. The construction of Weinbach pianos is closely based on Petrof's designs, giving them extraordinary stability and a rich, singing tone that appeals to both students and experienced pianists. These pianos are considered middle-range instruments within the Petrof portfolio, making them accessible while still maintaining high standards of quality​.

Weinbach pianos are currently manufactured under the supervision of Petrof's Department of Construction and Technology, ensuring that each instrument meets strict quality standards. These pianos feature high-quality materials, such as European hammers and solid spruce soundboards, which contribute to their excellent tonal quality and durability. Although Weinbach pianos are no longer produced in Europe, they continue to uphold the legacy of fine craftsmanship and exceptional sound that has defined the brand for over a century​.

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