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Wurlitzer Pianos, founded by Franz Rudolph Wurlitzer in 1853 in Cincinnati, Ohio, have a storied history marked by innovation and quality craftsmanship. Initially, the company focused on importing European instruments, but by 1880, Wurlitzer began manufacturing its own pianos. The brand quickly became known for its range of high-quality upright, grand, and spinet pianos, which were popular in homes, schools, and institutions across America​.

One of Wurlitzer's significant contributions to the piano industry was the development of the spinet piano in the 1930s. This smaller, more compact piano was designed to fit into the average American home, making quality pianos more accessible to a broader audience. The Wurlitzer spinet became particularly popular during the Great Depression due to its affordability and space-saving design.

Wurlitzer was also a pioneer in the production of electric pianos, introducing the first model in 1954. The Wurlitzer electric piano, particularly the Model 200 series, became iconic in the music world, used by renowned artists such as Ray Charles and The Beatles. These electric pianos were known for their distinctive sound and durable construction, making them favorites in various music genres.

In 1988, the Baldwin Piano Company acquired Wurlitzer's piano-making assets, continuing production under the Wurlitzer name until 2009. Today, the Wurlitzer name remains synonymous with both acoustic and electric pianos, valued for their historical significance and enduring quality. Learn more about this brand at the Manufacturer's website.

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