Piano Lessons Blog - December Student of the Month: Ava R

December Student of the Month: Ava R

Congratulations to Ava R, our December Student of the Month! Each month we like to recognize a student who is both a great piano student and a wonderful example of our monthly "Virtue for Virtuosos."

This month's highlighted attribute is SENSITIVITY. We love how music teaches kids to pay attention to the emotions they are feeling and expressing. Learning to be sensitive in music can help us be sensitive to the feelings of those around us, too! Our Piano Academy teachers nominated Ava for student of the month because she's a great example of this. She shows sensitivity in her piano playing not only by observing all dynamic and articulation markings, but also by putting her own emotions and feelings into the music she is playing. Ava also shows sensitivity in her interactions with her teachers and the other students. She is always attentive, kind, and sensitive to the feelings of others, and we love that about her!

Here's what Ava's mom shared with us about her:

"Ava is 11 years old and is from Eagle Mountain. She has one younger sister, Chloe, and both have attended Utah Piano Conservatory since 2015. Ava loves playing piano and especially likes making up her own compositions. She also enjoys horseback riding, golfing with her Dad, and spending time with her friends and family. Ava particularly loves listening to stories about her relatives from when they were younger, and not surprisingly she also likes learning about history. Ava also shows great patience and kindness toward younger children. She is always concerned for others and thinks of ways to help them. She loves to spend time playing and teaching younger children, and someday she might like to be a school teacher."

Keep being awesome, Ava!

She asked me if she could make a funny face in this picture, so enjoy her very impressive eyebrow control:

(To see our list of monthly virtues [and composers], click here.)

What non-musical things have YOU learned from piano lessons? Send us a message to let us know—we'd love to hear your experiences and share them with our Conservatory community!

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