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First Piano Lessons: What Do I Learn?

At Piano Academy, we have been blessed by many NEW piano students this summer! There is a lot to learn in the first few lessons, and it can be easy to forget everything! We also know that many of the parents do not know how to play the piano, but they want to help their children practice! Luckily, there are many resources for you!
First of all, a student's lesson sheet is crucial. All of our piano teachers give assignments for the week on this sheet. Each student should have a lesson sheet in the front of their Piano Academy binder. Student can and should mark each day they practice their assignments. The more you practice, the quicker you will learn!
Second, we offer what is called, "Parent Tutor Training Night" for parents and/or your piano practice tutor (someone who practices with your child, HIGHLY recommended). At the beginning of each month, Utah Piano Conservatory hosts a night where we discuss successful practice sessions, problem-solve, and get to know our piano parents. The next Parent Tutor Training Night will be July 11th, so mark your calendars!
Third, we offer a host of resources on our website and YouTube channel for parents and students. To access our resources for parents on the website, go to https://brighamlarsonpianos.com/, hover over "for parents", and click on the links provided. For those parents who are more visual, below is a video of every beginner student's first technique lesson so you can help them do it right!
We know learning the piano is a big deal, and many of our parents really want their children to succeed. At Piano Academy and Utah Piano Conservatory, we are committed to helping our students and parents receive all of the help they need. For any and all questions, please do not hesitate to ask! Any of our piano teachers would love to assist you!
If you are interested in signing up for piano lessons, or have questions, call 385-219-0774.
You can also sign up for lessons or our JumpStart Summer Camp at this link (registration currently open):

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