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Jazz Piano Lessons!

Are you interested in jazz piano lessons? At Utah Piano Conservatory, we offer jazz piano lessons in our Piano Academy Jazz Division!


Take lessons from our talented jazz piano teacher, Ammon Doman, who has a masters degree in Jazz Piano Performance. Mr. Doman is also the Jazz Piano Program Director. He can teach you lead sheet, chord progressions, improvisation and more! Check out his bio:


Jazz students also get the opportunity to take advantage of our unique Piano Academy rotation system, just like our classical and preschool divisions. Students will have Mr. Ammon Doman as their jazz piano solo teacher. They will also have a piano technique teacher, pass-off teacher (utilizing method books such as, "That's Jazz!" by Bradley Sowash), and a theory lab teacher.

Fall jazz piano lessons officially start September 7th, so reserve your spot today!
Call 385-219-0774 for more information and to sign up!
(Featured Photo Credit: https://www.ebsqart.com/Art/Abstracts/OIL/425820/650/650/JAZZ-PIANO-NEW-ORLEANS-MUSIC.jpg)

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