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Piano Marvel Drawing

We have exciting news here at the Utah Piano Conservatory! We are holding a drawing, and three lucky students will be winners as we are giving away one $10 iTunes gift card and two $5 iTunes gift cards! Students may enter this drawing starting today and any day through February 28th! To enter, students simply spend at least one minute practicing the piano using Piano Marvel. Every day in which a student uses Piano Marvel for at least one minute, counts as an entry into the drawing. So the more days a student uses Piano Marvel, the more chances that student has of winning the drawing. Students do not need to report on the time spent practicing Piano Marvel; we will be able to see who is participating by looking at the reports on our teacher account.

We love Piano Marvel and how it helps our students learn to read music accurately and quickly. The immediate feedback provided by Piano Marvel allows students to quickly recognize errors, make corrections, and accurately learn the notes and rhythms of their pieces. All of these benefits can be gained in the time students use Piano Marvel at their lessons every week, but consistent, even daily, use of the tools provided by Piano Marvel really help a student's development take off. Hence, the purpose of this drawing is to motivate students to use Piano Marvel on a daily or almost-daily basis.

Why the one-minute requirement? Well, Piano Marvel will record practicing that is one minute or longer, and we will be looking at that report to know who has entered the drawing. Now, we actually want students to spend more than one minute practicing, but we know that most students will likely spend more than the required time once they have started. I know from my own experience that the hardest part about practicing is usually just making the decision to sit down and do it. Once I'm practicing, I want to keep going, and it's often the same for students. Getting there can be hard, but one minute sounds so simple that it's not hard to decide to sit down and practice when it appears so easy to do so. And once you're already practicing, you might as well keep going.

Here are some ideas of what students can do on Piano Marvel:

Take the Standard Assessment of Sight Reading (SASR). Taking the SASR regularly is one of the best ways a student can improve his or her sight reading skills.
Work on their Piano Marvel YouTube Competition piece. We intentionally timed this drawing with the YouTube competition, ending the drawing the same day submissions are due for the competition.
Earn trophies in their Method and Technique trophy cases.
Work on other solos found in the Piano Marvel Library. Students have access to all sorts of fun solos and pop music in the library and can simply work on something enjoyable and interesting to them.

We hope this drawing is fun and motivating to our students as they continue to progress in piano!

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