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Welcome to the Utah Piano Conservatory

Welcome to the Utah Piano Conservatory, opening on August 1, 2014 in Orem, Utah

Our family is moving our piano store, Brigham Larson Pianos,
to 1497 South State in Orem (two blocks south of University Mall)
and launching a 23,500 SF conservatory.

We will have…

Private Instruction (voice, pianos, strings, guitar, bass, strings, harp, ukelele, etc.)
Group Ensembles
Kindermusik (0-4 music and movement classes, 5-7 piano preparatory program)
Group Guitar
Group Ukelele
Way Cool Keyboarding for kids (beginning group piano)
Way Cook Keyboarding for teens (beginning group for teens)
Recreational Music Making (beginning piano for 18+)
Crescendo Children’s Choir
Youth Chorus
Teen Glee Club
Musical Preschool
Musical Improv Theater taught by the Thrillionaires
Music Theory Classes (taught by Mr. Larson)
Music Therapy

We are having our grand opening to launch our music lessons program on August 1st where you will be able to sign up for music classes. Our move in date is July 21st. If you’d like to get onto a pre-registration list for any of the above offerings, you can e-mailUtahpianoconservatory@gmail.com to inquire and reserve a space.

Our conservatory group lessons, classes and private instruction are compatible with MyTechHigh and Harmony as well. We have most of our faculty in position to launch our conservatory music lessons program, though we are still looking for voice, flute and choir teachers. We are collecting additional resumes for all instruments to have in reserve depending upon how quickly spots fill up with our launch August 1st. Web info is still being refined and will be launched on August 1st as well. Check back then for bios, class descriptions, calendars, schedules, all options for music lessons, etc.
Music lessons will begin September 8th after the Labor Day holiday.
Karmel Larson
Director and Founder
Conservatory Web Pages are Under Construction Until August 1st! Please check back then for complete and accurate information.

Voted Best Music Lessons in Utah Valley
New Location * Grand Opening * August 1st 2014
E-mail Utahpianoconservatory@gmail.com with inquiries and to pre-register for a conservatory seat.
(MyTechHigh and Harmony funding both accepted by Utah Piano Conservatory for all private and group instruction.)

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