Collection: Farrand Pianos

Farrand pianos have a rich history, beginning with the Farrand & Votey Organ Company, established in the late 19th century. William Raynolds Farrand, an American industrialist and manufacturer, was instrumental in its formation. Initially, the company focused on reed organs and later expanded to include pianos and mechanical players. By 1905, the company employed over four hundred skilled workers and had distribution centers in Detroit, Philadelphia, Paris, and London.

Farrand pianos were typically associated with high quality despite often being part of the more affordable Aeolian range. These pianos were known for their sturdy build and classical design, which evolved over the decades to include more curved and sloping fronts by the 1930s. Even though they were cost-effective, Farrand pianos were built to last and were considered superior to many other pianos of their time.

Farrand's commitment to quality and craftsmanship made these pianos a popular choice, and their legacy continues to be appreciated by piano enthusiasts and restorers today​.

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